As a busy executive you may have a special network function to go to where you would like the company of a beautiful model who knows how to move easily at your side while you "work the room". Her social etiquette will always be suited to your event.

Red Carpet & VIP

Conversely, you may find yourself at a red carpet function where you would like to show up with a beautiful model who knows exactly how to make you shine at the event. She is graceful and polished at every level so that you can rest assured that you are in good hands.

After Hours

This is your opportunity to get further acquainted with one of our beautiful models, we are confident our model escorts are the epitome of how you envision your after hours to be spent. If you need assistance with your entertainment options please let us know.

Entertainment assistance

Let us help you plan the perfect dinner, reservation or leisure activity. We are well connected and can ensure that your special entertainment request get the attention of professional concierge assistance

Special event planning

For all other special event planning needs please contact us to let us know what your needs are and we will offer you several suggestions.

Out of Town (short stay)

When you are traveling we can provide you with a travel companion who can accompany you while you out of town. This can be a local model or we can arrange for a model from a different city to meet you there. And if you need further assistance to make local arrangements for entertainment we are more than happy to suggest local event to you. Please check our city pages for events that appeal to you.

Long Haul (extended stay)

Should you require a model for an extended stay please provide us with the details and we will work closely with you to ensure that we offer you the perfect companion. This service is only available to our executive level members who value the bespoke service we offer.

Exotic Destinations (extended stay travel)

As with the Long Haul service we can also arrange the more exotic destinations your schedule requires and we will be more than happy to work out the details of your location so that you can fully optimize your extended stay. Naturally this is the most exclusive of our services and all arrangements will require an exclusive commitment.


We are confident that you will be enthralled with the company of our models. Should you find yourself in the situation of requiring the company of one particular model you may want to consider an exclusive contract. Please contact the agency to discuss your particular needs and we can arrange a bespoke package.

Falling In Love

In the event that you make that special connection with one person we recognize that you will want to formalize your commitment. In developing your formal intentions we will work with you to make the arrangements so that you can fully enjoy the relationship without further intervention.

Visit the model gallery to view the most suitable model for you. We are happy to provide you with the perfect exclusive model to glamorize you event and can accommodate specific needs such as the ones listed above, but of course, this list is not exhaustive.


Whether you're planning a flutter in a private members club in New York City, or you're heading for the bright lights of Las Vegas, Atlantic City or Mohegan Sun, our elite casino escorts will provide that extra element of glamour, mystique and intrigue as you test your skill and your luck against the professionals. Magnificently attired, as befits some of the top gaming establishments in the world, your casino escort will ensure that all eyes are on you as you play the tables.

All Photos are 100% Real New York Companions.

.Extended Stay Available Rates Below. Airfare and Travel Expenses are included.

12 hours
£ 7000
24 hours
36 hours
£ 16,000
48 hours
£ 21,000
4 days
£ 25,000
1 week
£ 28,000
2 weeks
£ 30,000
3 weeks
£ 34,000
1 month
£ 36,000
3 months
£ 65,000
6 months
£ 100,000
1 year
£ 200,000

Discretion is one of our most important requirements. The agency and ladies guarantee your discretion as a priority. All our models sign a non-disclosure agreement before commencing work with us. Your details and interaction with us is 100% CONFIDENTIAL FOREVER. We cater for some very big names and we have NEVER had an disclosure. We are not interested in trading publicity for the reputation of our valued clientele.

The elite female escorts kindly expect the same from you. To ensure the safety and respectability of both the client and the model, the contacts are always arranged through the Agency, please don't embarrass yourself or the lady by asking for phone numbers or meetings outside of the agency. It can make the models uncomfortable, and they don't like to be put in an awkward situation. The model escorts wish to receive the contact only through our agency, otherwise they would work independently.

Either credit card or cash is welcome, there is a small surcharge for any credit card booking, the card number will be taken by the receptionist over the phone when you have decided on the lady you would like to make your appointment with. She will then authorize credit card for the agreed amount, and the female escort will bring a slip along for you to sign on arrival. She will need to view the credit card used, as well as a piece of photo ID. Feel secure that we have strict policies in place to protect your credit card. The card number does not stay on any record or data base. So that there are no embarrassing or uncomfortable moments, we kindly ask you to have everything ready for the model when she arrives. Your gorgeous model escort likes to get the formalities out of the way soon after arriving, so you can start to relax and enjoy your time together.

It is always advisable to make the booking in advance, as most of the models are available by appointment only. We always have a large selection of high quality model escorts, so there will always be someone just as delightful, if the required model is not available on the date you require. We can arrange a first class service and elite model escort to suit your needs.